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Create Connected Change

Create connected change impressions and leitmotifs of the current social media campaign. Special focus is placed on the areas of railways, mobile machines and geology, where the optiMEAS experts have many years of expertise. Digital better on rail Avoid damage, increase availability, improve quality! The
optiMEAS Lösungen für Schienenverkehr

Monitoring of railway components

Testing railway components in the on-board network. Functional tests and performance measurements under real conditions are indispensable for the development and testing of traction unit components. In the on-board network, a few but sometimes large consumers that are frequently switched on and off cause voltage peaks, high currents and large reactive power components. In addition, there are micro-interruptions of the power supply at the current collector

Business with Her(t)z

Anniversary Statements Voices of the optiMEASler on the occasion of the 10th anniversary. After the anniversary, it was important to us to let the employees who have brought optiMEAS this far have their say. Here you will find excerpts from their view of optiMEAS. Furthermore we would like to thank them again

Motorcycle tour 2020

Motorcycle Tour 2020 Hello dear friends of optiMEAS! As every year, the motorbike riders optiMEASler are on a motorcycle tour with friends. The bikers left yesterday morning. With this in mind, we wish our bikers a great and above all safe ride! "Four
create connected change 10 years

Anniversary: 10 years optiMEAS

We celebrate 10 years optiMEAS! Virtually we let the corks pop. Thanks to customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues for a decade of great cooperation. We have achieved a lot. Now we are looking forward to shaping the digital future together in the best possible way after the
optiMEAS Predictive Maintenance

predictive maintenance

Recognizing today what will not work tomorrow. The increasing digitalization of industrial processes requires an adjustment on management level in the form of marketable products and services.

CIFA Betonpumpe ausgestattet mit dem SmartMINI fuer Predictive Maintanace

condition monitoring

Condition monitoring of concrete pumps. Zoomlion CIFA Deutschland GmbH in Urbach is a manufacturer of concrete machines such as mixers, mixing plants, concrete pumps or tunnel spraying machines. CIFA concrete pumps stand out from the competition thanks to a completely flexible support system and their Carbotech series (carbon mast and kinematic elements). Headquarters of the
Software Entwicklung vom Konzept bis zum Produkt mit optiMEAS

Frequency monitoring

LTTneo - Software development on a high level. On behalf of LTT Labortechnik Tasler GmbH optiMEAS has developed the powerful software LTTneo for frequency monitoring for the fast LTT24 TransientRecorders LTT Labortechnik Tasler GmbH specializes in patented real-time data acquisition systems with high speed and accuracy. The multifunctional measurement technology comes
Prozesse am Flughafen optimiert durch optiMEAS

Measuring insert

The northernmost airport in the EU. Temperatures of up to -30 degrees Celsius can be expected at Ivalo Airport in Finland in winter. Finnair departs daily from here to Helsinki. The winter months are high season in Ivalo. Winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world then arrive
MTO Sportwagen mit smartMINI Dashboard

Racing Ditigal

Smart on the ring. While Rock am Ring is all about music, "smart am Ring" is about the digital innovation of a connectivity box - the optiMEAS smartMINI + dashboard. In a sleek Porsche, the smartMINI speeds around the circuit and enables the driver to control the car via