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Create Connected Change

Impressions and leitmotifs of the current social media campaign. Special focus is placed on the areas of railways, mobile machines and geology, where the optiMEAS experts have many years of expertise.

Digital better on the rails

Avoid damage, increase availability, improve quality! The dream of every maintenance engineer. Together with you, we develop new concepts based on modern technologies. Our approach is holistic - from the sensor, data acquisition, business software, to the saving of service and maintenance costs.

Create Connected Change Bahn
Create Connected Change Excavator

Predictive services for industry, construction and agricultural machinery

Recognizing today what will not work tomorrow. Under this motto optiMEAS offers a complete digitization portfolio for high-quality industrial, construction and agricultural machinery. Technology, business model and readiness check included. Optimize your maintenance and billing systems. Simple, fast, automated and digital!

Is geothermal energy dangerous?

This is exactly the question our customers have been asking themselves - and that is why optiMEAS today delivers cloud-based systems worldwide for monitoring ground and building vibration. If there is a danger here, our system reports it. By the way, the same devices are also used to monitor systems and machines.

Create Connected Change Mountains