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Software Company History & Vision optiMEAS About Us COMPANY About us

We do not only speak IoT, we just live it!

For years optiMEAS has been successfully supporting manufacturing companies, service providers and end customers from a wide range of industries in the implementation of ambitious IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. As a technology partner with a holistic approach, we accompany you from A to Z during the digital transformation. Our energetic team will lead your project directly into secure real operation.

"optiMEAS has the vision of creating a digital network and machines to sustainably improve business processes and products. and make it more efficient."

The human factor determines your Success in the market!

We are convinced that the future belongs to a world of work in which economy and humanity are not contradictory and where digitisation supports and relieves people in a meaningful way.

Both in the cooperation with our customers and project partners and internally, we attach great importance to fair cooperation with personal, authentic encounters at eye level. „Business with heart" characterizes our way of working and is an integral part of our corporate culture.

Technology is not an end in itself

Rather, we see technology as a means to make life better. We pursue this goal together with our customers in long-term win-win relationships.

What is important to us?

Sustainable, socially and ecologically responsible action. We do not regard environmental compatibility as a nice side effect, but as a central quality aspect of products and processes. With our ideas and solutions, we want to support the reduction of CO emissions and more efficient use of resources in industry.

The company history of optiMEAS GmbH

How a pioneer of digital transformation has grown from a vision.

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It all began with a vision.

Burkhard Schranz is bubbling over with ideas. In the course of his professional career, he combines interests and skills, observes trends and becomes a pioneer for digitalisation through his courage to implement them.

Even before the terms IoT and Industry 4.0 were on everyone's lips, Schranz had the technical development understood by them in mind. Today's optiMEAS GmbH works according to the vision: to optimise company processes and products sustainably and make them more efficient through digital networking of machines.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title="2010-2013″ heading_tag="h2″]

Start of optiMEAS Measurement and Automation Systems GmbH

Initiator Burkhard Schranz, after many years of experience in measurement and automation technology, starts in 2010 together with lawyer Sabrina Rokuss the optiMEAS Measurement and Automation Systems GmbH. To this end, he brings his former colleague and test bench specialist Dr Jens-Achim Kessel and transmission expert Dr Patrick Langfeld on board as co-partners.

In addition to the service, the company's own smart device series is growing rapidly. From the "MEDILOG" as an award-winning support project of the Hessen Agentur, forward-looking, cloud-based technologies have emerged to date. These enable the optiMEAS customers to monitor their machines or plants live from anywhere in the world, to analyse, control and improve them with AI algorithms. The company, which has been ISO 9001 certified since 2011, acts as a pioneer in the field of digital transformation from its location in Friedrichsdorf.

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The conquest of new markets

According to the motto: "Recognize today what will not work tomorrow", the optiMEAS team is constantly developing the hardware further. The smartPRO for teleservice, diagnosis and monitoring is used in the automotive, energy, environment and geology sectors.

This is followed by the smartMINI for Condition Based and Predictive Maintenance on mobile machines and the smartRAILwith which the railway also runs a safe railroad. Customer-specific microcontroller solutions complete the program.

In parallel, software for intelligent data evaluation in the cloud is being developed. Thanks to the modular app concept, individual applications can be mapped promptly and cost-effectively>. The staff is growing and also the fleet is completed by the company's own test motorcycle for CAN data.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title="2017-2019″ heading_tag="h2″]

optiMEAS drives industrial digitization as a pioneer

Designed for growth and digital trends, the optiMEAS 2017 a strategic partnership with BEKO TECHNOLOGIES from Neuss as new co-partner. The joint potential will bear fruit in areas such as digitization solutions and strategic planning.

Smart filter monitoring, remote maintenance of concrete pumps or operational optimization of plants are just a few of many application examples that optiMEAS successfully implemented. Using the configurable "Dashboard" with comprehensive visualization and analysis functions in conjunction with a smart device, all machine operating data can be monitored live on any PC or mobile phone. A well-founded data evaluation with alarm and recommendations for action serves as a basis for decisions on predictive maintenance.

2018 the subsidiary optiMEAS Software Solutions GmbH was founded. It is dedicated to the development and distribution of optiMEAS IoT Platform optiCLOUD - the intelligent control room for gaining knowledge from real-time and high-resolution data. 2019 will see new developments such as the smartI/O series, measuring amplifier for direct sensor connection, and smartCORE, a patented, modular software for use in (industrial) IoT solutions.

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Digitisation is gaining in importance worldwide: The Corona Year 2020

For many people, home office is becoming a new way of working. Good networking guarantees that people remain connected to each other and are able to act via remote access even in a state of emergency. Video communication also ensures fast, visual accessibility; travel distances and costs are saved. optiMEAS this switch succeeds effortlessly.

Medium-sized businesses recognise the potential of digital machine data and are increasingly asking optiMEAS solutions. The new catalogue on products, solutions and corporate values is being published in the anniversary year.

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With heart also in Switzerland

The second corona year is also challenging in many respects. Supply bottlenecks, long waiting times and price increases on the procurement market also gets optiMEAS to be felt. On the other hand, new perspectives are emerging with the founding of the in Switzerland and the associated expansion of the sales infrastructure. In addition, new modules and designs are being created that further optimise our solutions.

But above all, one point crystallises clearly in a holistic view of this time: business with heart, especially equality, is and will be more important than ever - a true togetherness as a bridge for a tense and divided society.