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Press release: optiMEAS and Alpha Diagnostics enter into partnership

Meeting of Burkhard, Markus, Ratnesh

optiMEAS and Alpha Diagnostics enter into partnership for advanced machine monitoring

Clever together: out-of-the-box machine diagnostics

(Friedrichsdorf/Reinach, 25.11.2022) The expert for machine diagnostics Alpha Diagnostics and digitalisation specialist optiMEAS have agreed on a close cooperation. The aim is to provide advanced condition monitoring of heavy machinery in ships, rail vehicles and industrial applications in order to optimise their operation and maintenance and save costs as well as resources. With the latest generation of AlphaSystemTM , the two companies are presenting a first joint IoT product.

In the partnership, Alpha Diagnostics and optiMEAS combine their specialised expertise in speed measurement technology, data analysis and digitalisation. The jointly offered product AlphaSystemTM integrates Alpha Diagnostics' diagnostic software tailored to rotating machinery into optiMEAS' proven IoT infrastructure. The combination with a powerful hardware platform, IoT software for data acquisition and processing and cloud connection makes the diagnostic software internet-enabled and a ready-to-use product for real-time monitoring of critical machines.

With AlphaSystemTM , customers realise very advanced condition monitoring: the algorithms calculate all relevant condition indicators of engines, drives and transmissions from individual speed and velocity signals with high precision. Detailed dashboards show current operating conditions and signs of wear, warn of impending machine failures and provide information on fuel consumption. Machine operators and service companies worldwide access this information and react accordingly to ensure availability and avoid unnecessary costs. Through the web-based networking of any number of sensors, the condition of large plants and vehicle fleets can be monitored in real time.

AlphaSystemTM is a very easy to integrate, non-invasive solution. Speeds are measured without contact. This also makes the product suitable for subsequent digitisation as part of retrofits, whereby existing sensors can continue to be used.

Burkhard Schranz, CEO of optiMEAS says: "We are very pleased that through the close collaboration of our teams, the innovative diagnostic idea for critical machines is now available as a highly integrated turnkey product. The components of our ecosystem are designed to realise ever new IoT applications."

Markus Eigenmann, CEO and co-founder of Alpha Diagnostics explains: "Through the partnership with optiMEAS, AlphaSystemTM is a mature IoT solution from day one, which also does not require any intervention in the valuable machines. This makes it easier for many companies to make the important entry into digitalisation."

"In our cooperation, we have initially focused on rail and water vehicles. Mobile machines and industrial plants are to follow next. The challenge here is to convince as many users as possible with our technology," adds Markus Eigenmann, CEO of Alpha Diagnostics.

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