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Software Children's book Digi... who, what? COMPANY Alea
Alea komplett

Hello, my name is Alea and I like to ask questions about the world.

In the new optiMEAS children's book Digi... who, what? you can learn with me and my daddy what digitalization means.

On Facebook and LinkedIn we will start a Christmas special. 

From 10 December 2020, we will send an additional 333 copies directly via our website.

You can register for it now:

Here you can have a look...

Piktogramm Kontakt

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you like, paint a picture or write me a letter. In the second volume we want to publish some of your submissions.

Digi... who, what?

Burkhard Schranz had the idea for the children's book when he wanted to explain to his daughter, who is enthusiastic about reading aloud, what he does at work. From the pen of Mama Solveig Kerber, a children's story with application examples from the optiMEAS Everyday life. The bright and curious Alea was born, lovingly illustrated by Florence Baumeister.

A second volume with Alea on "Business with Heart - Heart Business" will follow soon.