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Software Reliable. Smart. Networked. Schienenverkehr SOLUTIONS use cases

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optiMEAS Lösungen für Schienenverkehr

Monitoring of railway components

Test railway components in the on-board power supply system. Functional tests and performance measurements under real conditions are essential for the development and testing of traction vehicle components. In the on-board network
optiMEAS Predictive Maintenance

predictive maintenance

Recognizing today what will not work tomorrow. The increasing digitalization of industrial processes requires an adjustment on management level in the form of marketable products and services.

CIFA Betonpumpe ausgestattet mit dem SmartMINI fuer Predictive Maintanace

condition monitoring

Condition monitoring of concrete pumps. Zoomlion CIFA Deutschland GmbH in Urbach is a manufacturer of concrete machines such as mixers, mixing plants, concrete pumps or tunnel spraying machines.
Software Entwicklung vom Konzept bis zum Produkt mit optiMEAS

Frequency monitoring

LTTneo - Software development on a high level. On behalf of LTT Labortechnik Tasler GmbH optiMEAS has developed the powerful software LTTneo for
Prozesse am Flughafen optimiert durch optiMEAS

Measuring insert

The northernmost airport in the EU. With temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, Ivalo Airport in Finland is in

asset monitoring

Safe monitoring of industrial valves. Where they are in use, things are usually pretty rough: Industrial valves from Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA GmbH,

operational data monitoring

The Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG has equipped a recycling shredder plant with optiMEAS smartPRO for continuous monitoring. Data on temperature, power and speed enable analysis and optimization of the plant.

emissions monitoring

Electric cars also cause fine dust. The fine dust particle filter absorbs as many dust particles as are produced by tyre, brake and road wear when driving.