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Free smartCORE® Community Edition for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular single-board computers for tinkerers and hobbyists. With the Community Edition of our IoT firmware smartCORE®, which is available free of charge, it becomes the ultimate playground for the Internet of Things brand. At the same time, the Community Edition offers the chance to try out a truly professional and durable solution from the industrial sector at home.

optiMEAS solutions for rail transport

Monitoring of railway components

Test railway components in the on-board power supply system. Functional tests and performance measurements under real conditions are essential for the development and testing of traction vehicle components. In the on-board network
optiMEAS Predictive Maintenance

predictive maintenance

Recognizing today what will not work tomorrow. The increasing digitalization of industrial processes requires an adjustment on management level in the form of marketable products and services.