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LTTneo - Software development on a high level.

Software Entwicklung vom Konzept bis zum Produkt mit optiMEAS

On behalf of LTT Labortechnik Tasler GmbH optiMEAS developed the powerful LTTneo frequency monitoring software for the fast LTT24 transient recorders

LTT Labortechnik Tasler GmbH specializes in patented real-time data acquisition systems with high speed and accuracy. The multifunctional measurement technology is used, among other things, in engine and airbag development, in mechanical and plant engineering, in turbine power plants, in the endurance testing of on-load tap-changers for the power industry, in materials research at technical universities and in the military, in drive development and in automotive crash tests.

Powerful software for fast real-time data acquisition systems

optiMEAS has developed the software LTTneo for frequency monitoring for the LTT24 transient recorders on behalf of LTT Labortechnik Tasler GmbH. These are measuring devices for fast measurement and recording of voltages, currents or charges for up to 16 channels, a resolution of 24 bit and a sampling rate of up to 4 MHz.

The fields of application of the measuring systems require a powerful software, which should successively replace the original one. Within one year development time the software is already able to acquire, process, visualize and store the measurement data online. Online calculations for frequency distribution and real-time displays in spectrograms were also made possible. LTTneo currently serves 22 measurement channels with a sampling rate of 2MHz per channel. The continuous data rate is 176 MB/s.

Application example: The construction of an offshore wind farm

An example of the application is the construction of an offshore wind farm in the North Sea with regard to the resident whale population. The pier mounting on the seabed triggers enormous pressure waves, which are harmful to the sensitive hearing of the whales. With the help of underwater microphones, the LTT measuring systems record and analyse the high-frequency whale songs. A recorded whale communication allows their position to be determined and is an indicator of their presence in the environment. Work is only carried out if there are no whales in a certain radius.

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