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Smart on the ring.

MTO sports car with smartMINI dashboard

While Rock am Ring is all about music, Rock am Ring is all about "smart ringside" to promote the digital innovation of a connectivity box - the optiMEAS smartMINI + dashboard In a sleek Porsche the smartMINI speeds its rounds there and enables drivers & technicians a permanent and mobile vehicle monitoring via the dashboard.

The company MTO Engineering from Ladbergen is specialized in "Chiptuning" - individual performance and consumption optimization for various vehicles.

Racing is the great passion of the two managing directors Torsten Osterhaus and Oliver Pauli. And for the fuel savings in diesel locomotives they have even won the DB Innovations Challenge 2016. Through their joint customer DB, the search for smart vehicle monitoring also brought them into contact with optiMEAS is achieved. After trying out some things with other providers, MTO was already after 10 minutes from the optiMEAS solution is convincing. Torsten Osterhaus is enthusiastic about the combination smartMINI and Dashboard: "You are connected to the vehicle anytime, anywhere and can follow everything live." This turns out to be very beneficial, especially in a 24-hour race. Technicians do not have to be on site.

You can react via remote diagnosis and remote maintenance. And changing drivers can stay in contact with each other online in this way - true to the motto: More eyes see more. The Porsche 991_2 Cup model is equipped with the smartMINI CAN data is collected, stored, evaluated and transmitted. On the dashboard as an interactive control panel, all operating states can be displayed and analysed live & in history as a complete picture.

The dashboard can be individually configured according to the application and offers a wide range of display options and functions for monitoring: traffic light visualization, progress and status displays, route maps, zoom, language packages, time stamps, multi-tenant, alarm when limit values are exceeded and much more. The monitoring of engine-relevant data such as engine temperature, fuel temperature, radiator condition, oil pressure or spray quality not only supports races, but also ensures wear control and realizes predictive maintenance.

One challenge is the uninterrupted network coverage. VLN races at the Nürburgring in particular are also followed digitally by many thousands of people on site, which is why the high volume of radio traffic can occasionally cause interference. MTO and optiMEAS are working together at full speed to achieve complete data reception even under these circumstances. From the reception of various network providers to the transmission power of passive or active antennas and the exciting topic of "Digital Racing", there is an exciting combination of MTO as engine specialist and optiMEAS as digitization expert to a promising partnership.

Another joint project is a system for locomotive maintenance and wear control for the private transport company Netinera Deutschland GmbH. Here, too, the online dashboard can be displayed on any PC or mobile phone, which can be used to graphically monitor e.g. target and actual pressure. The frequency provides information about whether a malfunction in the controller, pump or filter is the cause of a pressure drop. Remote diagnosis and monitoring also enables alarms in the event of vandalism or unauthorised access and consumption optimisation by analysing the driving profile.