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marketing Multi-talent (m/f/d), JOBS AT OPTIMEAS Marketing

Marketing talent
with a knack for sales (m/f/d)

Here are the details of the job

We see you in a key position with us: engineers, software developers, customers - and you right in the middle. You make sure that everyone understands each other's language.

Your first task

Putting our external image on a new footing. To do this, you get input from the engineers and IT staff and translate everything into a language that is suitable for customers. On this basis, you'll then really get started.

Whether newsletters, podcasts, mailing campaigns, social media campaigns - or something completely different? With the aim of making us better known, you choose the right channels and use them. You have all the freedom you need to try out what will have the greatest effect. By the way, this also means that you always keep an eye on the market trends in digitalisation. This is the only way to set the right focus for your campaigns.

Don't worry. You're not starting from scratch in terms of content; we have a lot of ideas in the drawer, and we're looking forward to your input. Apart from that, you'll get all the support you need. We already have a great designer on board.

You also have direct contact with customers: for example, in presentations you bring technically complex topics closer to them in a simple way.

You are knitted like this

  • We are not interested in a straightforward CV. What is important is that you have marketing experience in the technical field - both strategic and practical.
  • You have done press work before and are well networked.
  • You find it easy to understand technical issues.
  • You need some English, but it doesn't have to be perfect. And you're sure to pick up the technical vocabulary quickly.

This is what you can look forward to

  • You have full creative freedom. Nothing is predetermined. You set your own tasks.
  • We have a special error culture - at least that is our impression. We see mistakes as valuable, because they are the only way we can develop.
  • Home office? Sure, it's possible. This is how it could work: In the beginning, you'll be with us more often until you get to know us and understand our performance through and through. After that, we'll arrange it as needed. We are flexible - you are flexible.
  • You receive an allowance for childcare. We generally have a lot of understanding around the topic of "time for children".
Contact pictogram

You recognise yourself here?

Then we look forward to getting to know you. Feel free to call and we'll chat a bit about the job and see if it suits you and you suit it.

"What optiMEAS is about true partnerships with our customers, creating solutions that delight everyone."

Nadin Isbarn
Head of Finances