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Operational Data Monitoring: Where shredding takes place, not only scrap metal falls

Voith Turbo GmbH & Co.KG has equipped a recycling shredder plant with optiMEAS smartPRO for continuous monitoring. Data on temperature, power and speed enable analysis and optimization of the plant.

Voith Turbo GmbH & Co.KG is a specialist for drive technology and one of four Group Divisions of the globally operating technology group Voith. One of Voith's core products are hydrodynamic couplings, which go back to a patent of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Föttinger from 1905. Voith uses them to provide drive solutions for various applications such as belt conveyors, AFC chain conveyors for underground coal mining, ship propulsion systems or crushing machines.

The Ecore industrial shredder plant for recycling in Aubange, Belgium, was equipped with a measuring system of optiMEAS equipped.

The measurement technology used by optiMEAS is used for diagnosis and prevention of plant-specific faults as well as for quality improvement. This reduces downtimes, cuts costs and optimizes maintenance. LTE, at least 8 analog inputs, CAN connectivity, and cloud connection were the criteria for selecting the device.

Diagnosis and prevention of plant-specific faults

Drives in recycling plants are exposed to a variety of stresses, such as overload, vibration and torque shocks. Voith drive components dampen torque shocks and vibration amplitudes and offer protection against overload. Voith is also available to its customers for calculations and evaluations of plants and components.

The following data are transmitted in Aubange with the optiMEAS smartPRO is currently being recorded and evaluated: working circuit temperature, outside temperature and oil return temperature of the clutch to determine correlations, as well as power and speed of the system. In the long term, the collection of data on vibrations and other temperature sensors on the engine and transmission stage is also planned.

On the way to predictive maintenance

Voith already carries out oil aging calculations and uses them to calculate the maintenance cycles. The more values are recorded and combined, the more comprehensive predictive maintenance can be implemented.

Voith is enthusiastic about the successful use of the optiMEAS smartPROThe unit optimally meets all requirements and is also small and handy", says Fabian Korb, Product Manager Service for Voith Turbo. The smartPRO convinced by multifunctionality and simplicity, as well as price-performance and support. Therefore further joint projects are being considered. The next step is to simplify and optimise the maintenance of a cardan shaft by recording data.

optiMEAS smart devices stand for safety, reliability and durability

The flexible platform structure of the Smart products as a modular system with app concept not only makes it possible to tailor them to the respective application, but also makes them extremely simple and reliable.

The optiMEAS Smart systems are based on a proprietary Linux distribution and are characterized by security and robustness. This is ensured by permanent monitoring of the operating system (by watchdog and power controller) as well as regular over-the-air system updates. Thanks to the ring memory on the SD card, no data is lost even without a mobile phone connection. And even if the power supply fails, every measured value is securely stored via a special streaming file format. The integrated real-time extension records each data value with a precise time stamp.