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Test railway components in the on-board power supply system.

optiMEAS solutions for rail transport

Functional tests and performance measurements under real conditions are essential for the development and testing of traction vehicle components. In the on-board power supply system, voltage peaks, high currents and large reactive power components are caused by a few, but sometimes large, consumers that are frequently switched on and off. Added to this are micro-interruptions of the power supply at the pantograph as well as short sections of track without voltage.

Robust recording of functional and performance data

On behalf of DB Systemtechnik, optiMEAS developed an IoT solution that monitors components in real operation. Equipped with smartRAIL and an external module for power measurement, the system continuously acquires functional and performance data and transfers them without loss to the IoT platform optiCLOUD. This is where the railway engineers access the data, filter and analyze them as required.

Use gained knowledge meaningfully

smartRAIL is railway-certified, extremely robust and operates maintenance-free for months. Once installed, the device records valuable data without impairing the availability of the traction unit. The knowledge gained about network quality helps to increase the reliability of railway components.

optiMEAS convinces with technical competence, fail-safe systems, thematic foresight and a flexible, solution-oriented team.

Felix Heim
Project Manager Portfolio Development, DB Systemtechnik GmbH