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Emission Monitoring - Data management of the world's first emission-neutral vehicle

Following the motto "Nobody drives cleaner", the Ludwigsburg filter specialist man+bumblebee in a pilot project together with Deutsche Post DHL Group and its subsidiary StreetScooter five delivery vehicles with an active particulate filter were placed on the market. This means that the "StreetScooters" can drive completely emission-neutral through the German city centres. For the overall balance this means: no carbon dioxide, no nitrogen oxide, no noise and no particulate matter.

Electric cars also cause fine dust. The fine dust particle filter absorbs as many dust particles as are produced by tire, brake and road wear when driving. optiMEAS takes care of this with the built-in smartMINI as a data logger and IoT gateway around the data traffic of the fine dust eater. Via the optiMEAS Dashboard the data is visualized live and stored as a history for further analysis.

Once the test phase has been successfully completed, operating data such as load capacity, range, driving behaviour, the current vehicle position, the fine dust concentration at the position of the vehicle, temperature or humidity can be continuously transmitted in series production.

This enables maintenance to be carried out as required. In addition, a link to the logistics software would make it possible to forecast the delivery of a shipment to the minute. In addition, the vehicles could produce a "fine dust map", which would make the current measuring stations superfluous.

The hardware behind it

The smartMINI offers a handy, energy-saving and cost-effective compact solution for teleservice, telediagnosis and monitoring projects. Due to its smaller size the smartMINI designed primarily for use in agricultural, construction and other mobile machinery.

As our flexible all-rounder the smartMINI can be used in all sorts of industries through requirement-specific configurations and modifications: from fleet management to more complex applications, the smartMINI Leave. In accordance with the optiCLOUD our Seitz has further offers regarding complete IoT solutions.

Product smartMINI