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Social advertising as easy as pie.

In collaboration with social DNA and based on our children's book ,Digi... who, what?" we were able to achieve a successful lead campaign and thus bring the topic of digitalization closer to our "little ones".

The two-stage brand awareness campaign

As the last post already indicated, the two-stage campaign started with a focus on the areas of railways, mobile machinery and geology, where the optiMEAS experts already have many years of expertise.

This was followed by the publication of the children's book accompanied by corresponding posts. The details of how the development of a children's book served optiMEAS as a springboard for a successful lead generation campaign and more about the entire campaign can be found here. here.

Alea discovers digitization - The children's book

If you missed our campaign, you can get our free children's book on digitization by clicking Alea.

Alea complete