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Motorcycle tour 2020

Hello dear friends of the optiMEAS!

As every year, the motorcycling riders optiMEASler are on a motorcycle tour with friends. The bikers left yesterday morning. With this in mind, we wish our bikers a great and above all safe ride!

"Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul."

On our dashboard, as always, you can follow the route and other key figures such as speed and temperatures live.

Recognizable from the outside at first glance due to the typical optiMEAS styling, the bike fulfills the valuable task of in-house test vehicle.

It is equipped with intelligent diagnostic systems from optiMEAS. Other applications can be found especially in mechanical engineering and automotive engineering where the isolation and evaluation of events as well as continuous long-term data acquisition is possible.

On each tour, relevant vehicle data is collected by the ECU and transmitted via the integrated LTE modem to optiMEAS' own cloud server. Analyses, error messages and remote maintenance can be realized via this. At the same time, the data is available via the web front-end of optiCloud or via the PC software optiControl for further processing and download.