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create connected change.

The newsletter about digital potential with a view beyond the horizon
Publisher: Burkhard Schranz, managing partner of the optiMEAS GmbH Germany/Switzerland

With our new newsletter "create connected change." we want to network on exciting and enriching topics around digital potential - but also beyond. The world is in turmoil. In light of the current situation, networking has become even more important: we need to connect people, build bridges, act with humanity and compassion, learn from experience, focus on commonalities instead of differences, put our energy into improvement, implement visions together... create connected change!

What does professionalism have to do with the heart? Or digitalisation with children?

For us, professionalism always consists of more than just professional expertise and craftsmanship. Acting in accordance with one's own values. This applies to the quality of our products and solutions as well as to our encounters with different people. In our dealings with others, this means being authentic and straightforward, acting responsibly and seeing the people behind the business with equal dignity. Children are our future and technology is a tool for us to make life more pleasant and to connect people. That's why we turn from the industry to the children and tell them about the digital possibilities and human and holistic cooperation in the form of children's books from our everyday life.

Our 2nd children's book "herzvernetzt" enters the hot phase

With Digi... what? started our series of children's books in 2020 as an introduction to the topic of digitalisation with the bright Alea and her dad, who tells of examples of applications at his work. The 2nd children's book, which is in its final stages, is about our values in dealing with each other - about Business with Her(t)z. This time, Alea and her friend Pippo design a project of the heart for school, although they don't agree at first. Alea's mum is also involved and accompanies the process together with dad through loving and stimulating conversations. In the process, they learn together about the gift of a crisis, about the internet of trees and the somewhat different 'mathematics of the heart'. We introduce Pippo and Ala's mum here before.

Driving a safe track in the IoT Use Case Podcast

Madeleine Mickeleit highlights successful IoT applications in her podcast series. This time in the Interview with optiMEAS and Trelleborg on the topic of optimising maintenance and service in rail transport. By recording loads in real operation, reliable statements can be made about the life and service life of relevant components. The solution is implemented via the optiMEAS IoT Edge device. smartRAIL with integrated software smartCORE and the cloud platform optiCLOUD. Listen for yourself...

Who invented it? - or Switzerland also stands for...! Since last year, we have also been present in the beautiful Zurich wine country. Because we also offer typical Swiss "treats" with our unique portfolio, which is characterised by practical innovations, quality and reliability.
New additions include, for example, a low-cost MVB interface and an intelligent power supply unit for rail vehicles - all directly connected to the cloud platform via our modular firmware smartCORE. With our offer we also realise your Digitisation solution custom-fit.

The gift of a crisis

Supply bottlenecks and price increases on the procurement market are current challenges that need to be mastered with flexibility and foresight. In doing so, we have opted for transparent adjustments that can advance both sides, such as serial discounts or minimum quantities. And we develop demand planning in close exchange with our customers, suppliers and business partners. For us, crises (Greek krisis = decisive turn) are fundamentally situations from which we can emerge stronger if we unwrap their gift. They offer the great opportunity to learn more about ourselves and about others, and thus to to make the way ahead more coherent.

You too can become or remain an optiMEASt!

We at optiMEAS see ourselves as optiMEASten. With this word creation we express our optimistic, visionary and striving for the best possible basic attitude as industrial digitalisation experts. With intuition and a comprehensive understanding, we develop from our Visions smart, technical solutions. In doing so, we never lose sight of the world within us and around us. Feel free to follow us on our journey - also on our social media channels.

With this in mind, we look forward to shaping success together with you!

Yours sincerely Burkhard Schranz & the optiMEAS team