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Alea 2 Cover

Soon our new children's book will be published "Heart-networked"

The second volume of our children's book series with Alea is about our values in dealing with each other. This time, the focus is on a school project that Alea creates with her friend Pippo. Alea's mum is also involved and accompanies the process together with dad through loving and stimulating conversations. Behind "herzvernetzt" is the idea of doing any 'business' with heart. In doing so, we assume a compassionate connection between people - also in the digital (working) world. We let Alea have her say and introduce the two new characters Pippo and Mama as well as a few first insights:

"For this story, I would like to introduce you to my friend Pippo. His real name is Giuseppe. He got his nickname from his little sister. She couldn't pronounce Giuseppe and always called him `Pippo'. He's been called that ever since. We go to the same class at school. He loves to draw; with crayons but also with the computer and he likes to tease. Yes, Pippo can be quite cheeky, but also sweet. We have a lot of fun together.

My dear mum knows about medicinal herbs and describes the internet of trees to us, and from her we hear about the mathematics of the heart for the first time. You can be curious, because this is a completely different mathematics than the one you learn at school.

Alea and Pippo

"You know, my darling, everyone likes to do something in particular, and most of the time that's exactly what he or she is good at. You love nature and Pippo loves drawing. That may sound different at first. But a joint project of the heart can emerge from this, in which each person contributes in his or her own way."