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You can implement your IoT application with smartCORE® fast and safe

No matter what specific digitization goal you are pursuing - in order to record and process machine data as required, you need the right hardware and the right software.

smartCORE® brings the necessary intelligence to any edge hardware and transforms it in the blink of an eye into a flexible measuring device with cloud connection, a data logger, a gateway, a control system or a predictive maintenance device. Just the way you need it.

is the turbo for your project

You minimise the risk, save time and money. smartCORE® works with any hardware. Simply combine the software with your desired hardware. The software already supports the systems of numerous manufacturers and can be easily adapted for further components.

SmartCORE® Compact

"Open for any hardware
"No-code approach for standard applications
"Complete data acquisition
"High performance (Qt/C++ as basis)
"Integrated alarm centre
"Intelligent data preprocessing
"Cloud connectivity
" Remote interface
"Safety concept with watchdog
"Stable and highly available
" Contained in devices from optiMEAS (smartMINI and smartRail)

Quickly into operation

Realise an IoT solution in the shortest possible time. Basic functions for data acquisition and transmission, cloud connection, bus interfaces, remote function, alarming in case of limit violation and other intelligent functions brings smartCORE® already with.   IIII

Configuring instead of programming

Easily implement standard applications yourself in the no-code environment without programming knowledge, saving time and resources. If required, you can go deeper and develop individual code for your task.   IIII

Robust and proven

Rely on a reliable solution. smartCORE® is patent-pending and successfully used in many industries. In the field of mobile machinery and rail vehicles as well as in large plants in the environmental or energy industry.   IIII

Low hardware requirements

Don't invest more than necessary. Thanks to a sophisticated software architecture, the smartCORE® even run on small, energy-saving microcomputers.   IIII

High performance in the field

Calculate and evaluate real-time data directly in the field without latency. Designed for industrial applications offers smartCORE® high computing power - for applications in the kilohertz range as well as for processing a high number of signals, for example in rail vehicles. Data does not have to be transmitted to the cloud first. This saves time and bandwidth.    IIII


Benefit from modular software that is easy to adapt to new requirements as needed. You can either make specific enhancements yourself or work with external experts. smartCORE® is absolutely flexible and is constantly being developed and maintained.   IIII

Building blocks for intelligent
Functions & Services

Integration of any
Data sources

You can easily connect any acquisition devices via standardized industrial interfaces and communication protocols. Among others, CAN, Modbus, MVB, J1939, J1587 and GPS are already supported. Furthermore smartCORE® flexibly expandable.   IIII

Data recording

You can rely on the fact that smartCORE® completely records the desired measurement and operating data and stores them temporarily on the device without any loss. A software watchdog monitors the system and ensures that it automatically resets itself to the regular, error-free state if required.   IIII

Cloud connection

You are completely free to choose the cloud platform. smartCORE® is optimally adapted to the optiCLOUD from optiMEAS, but connects IoT devices just as stably and securely to any other platform.   IIII

Data transmission

Even if the server connection is unstable or interrupted, you will not lose any information. As soon as the mobile radio connection is re-established, recorded measurement and operating data from the local data memory is seamlessly transferred to the cloud.    IIII


You can use the measurement and operating data of your machines and systems in a variety of ways. In addition to high-resolution raw data files, secure cloud services also provide live data via the widely used IoT transmission protocol MQTT.    IIII


They react quickly to malfunctions and limit violations. smartCORE® monitors the status and operating data of sensors and machines and automatically alerts in case of abnormalities and malfunctions via MQTT, e-mail or SMS.   IIII

Data preprocessing
& Data reduction

Transfer only relevant data to the cloud, for example average values or limit deviations. Integrated calculation functions filter smartCORE® the machine data locally on the
Edge device and preprocesses them.   IIII

Remote access

Parameterize all devices centrally from a distance. Integrated interfaces simplify remote functions from device management to automatic software update over-the-air.   IIII

Typical applications

"Monitoring of mobile machines and stationary plants
"Condition monitoring, remote diagnosis and teleservice
"Predictive Maintenance
"Switching and control tasks
"Collection of usage data, smart services
"Optimisation of operations, service, production, development

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use case

Cloud-based monitoring for the powertrain

core sensing GmbH

The correct functioning of standard components such as shafts, gears and bearings has a major influence on the quality and efficiency of machine processes. In order to better understand the current conditions and avoid both machine failures and unnecessary maintenance, knowledge of the underlying physical processes is crucial. For this purpose, the startup core sensing developed a novel, component-integrated sensor solution and relied on the cloud for the connection. optiMEAS.

The wireless sensor package, which can also be completely integrated into rotating components, consists of force and torque sensors as well as powerful measurement electronics. It records the forces, torques and mechanical loads inside the component, as well as speed, acceleration, vibration and temperature. An integrated intelligence analyzes whether the component and adjacent processes are functioning correctly. The data is transmitted by radio to an industrial gateway, which serves as an interface. The software smartCORE® of optiMEAS, which is based on the IoT device smartMINI is installed by default, connects the thanks to the core sensing sensor solution now connects smart drive components to the cloud and controls the data flow. A small expansion module was all that was needed to integrate the data sources. As a data logger stores smartCORE® all values seamlessly on an SD card and transmits them via mobile radio to the optiCLOUDwhere they are available for in-depth and long-term studies. The configurable dashboard visualizes the live data of distributed sensors for real-time overview.

Pre-integrated standard interfaces enable smartCORE® the integration and time-synchronous processing of further data and signals, for example from the machine control system; almost 4,000 values per second are processed. The IoT and cloud connection of the intelligent components thus opens up comprehensive possibilities for analyzing, monitoring and optimizing both the individual components and the overall system.

In no time at all, our smart sensors were cloud-enabled. With optiMEAS we met experts who were able to implement this quickly. Through the extended measurement chain, our solution offers additional added value, for example for mobile applications and long-term measurements."

Markus Hessinger
CTO, core sensing