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SmartMini IoT Microcontroller for specialized systems Logo Product smartNANO

For specific requirements, particularly small installation space or lack of power supply smartNANO-devices based on microcontroller technology. As a preconfigured variant or individual solution, they are ideally suited for robust use on machines, vehicles and systems. Thanks to the extremely compact design, the installation effort is minimal.

smartNANO compact

  • Autonomous use through optional battery operation
  • Low power consumption, long running time
  • Compact form factor
  • Cost-efficient due to high quantities
  • Data storage on SD card
  • Integrated mobile radio transmitter and GPS receiver
  • Flexibly expandable

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Ready to go

Once installed, smartNANO provides measurement & GPS data, protects against theft & connects to the optiCLOUD.

smartNANO is the smallest and most flexible platform for recording and transmitting measurement data into the cloud, equipped with onboard sensors for location and acceleration. Via flexibly integrable interfaces, sensors, protocols and software, the system can be adapted to the needs of the cloud. smartNANO of every IoT request. The power supply is optionally provided by mains adapter, accumulator or battery.

Typical applications

  • Theft protection
  • Position monitoring
  • Machine and device monitoring
  • Monitoring of goods during transport and storage
  • Recording of operating hours
  • Environmental monitoring

Device variants at a glance

SmartNANO Trac

Basic unit for simple tracking and logging requirements with position detection and digital input, ideal for operating hours recording and anti-theft protection

SmartNANO Can

Extended base unit with connection possibility for smartI/O modules and CAN interface with logging of up to 40 messages. Optimal for the acquisition of analog and digital signals.

smartNANO Custom

Individual assembly with interfaces, I/O Modules and software according to customer requirements. This is a cost-efficient solution, especially for higher quantities.


Additionally equipped with the standardized Fleet Management Interface (FMS) for commercial vehicles to record usage and vehicle parameters.

smartNANO University

Universal logger with CAN bus and four voltage and temperature inputs each. Ideally suited for connecting external sensors.

smartNANO Modbus

Basic unit, supplemented by a parameterizable Modbus RTU interface. Designed for use in energy and plant engineering.

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use case

Safety, control and optimised logistics for hazardous goods

measX GmbH & Co. KG on behalf of a motor manufacturer

Deep discharge, overcharging and mechanical damage can cause spontaneous combustion of lithium-ion batteries. An IoT system was developed for a manufacturer of drive systems, which continuously monitors high-performance batteries centrally during transport and storage.

For the required use in remote and hardly accessible places and transport routes, self-sufficient devices are available on smartNANO-base the first choice. They record data on the position and location of the batteries, their state of charge as well as temperatures and vibrations. To save energy and extend the service life of the device battery, data is transmitted to the optiCLOUD after longer time intervals or if sensor data have changed significantly, for example due to movement.

All status information is available via the optiCLOUD accessible at any time, regardless of location. If defined limit values are exceeded, the plant fire brigade is automatically alerted.

"The autarkic devices of optiMEAS could be easily adapted to all project requirements. Our customer was particularly impressed by the integrated energy saving concept".

Dr. Joachim Hilsmann
Managing Director measX GmbH & Co. KG

Technical data sheet: smartNANO