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Free smartCORE®
Community Edition for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular single-board computers for tinkerers and hobbyists. With the Community Edition of our IoT firmware available free of charge smartCORE® the Raspberry Pi to the ultimate playground for the Internet of Things brand self-built. At the same time, the Community Edition offers the chance to try out a truly professional and durable solution from the industrial sector at home.

smartCORE® immediately turns the mini-computer into an intelligent measuring device with cloud connection. A huge advantage is that the firmware makes it extremely easy to combine data from different sources. For example, data from the house weather station with data from the smart meter of the heating system. So there are (almost) no limits to your joy of experimentation.

Lots of IoT intelligence

The smartCORE®-Package for the Raspberry Pi includes: a Linux operating system, the connection to the optiCLOUD, a device manager for remote control and a number of ready-made modules. With these, you can get started immediately and collect measurement data at standard interfaces, save it on the Raspi's SD card and send it to the cloud. Alarm modules make it possible to monitor values and react to them. Thanks to local buffering, no values are lost even if the internet connection is interrupted. As soon as the connection is up again, the smartCORE® all data into the cloud.


Storage and cloud services are included

Easy-to-configure dashboards are available for live visualisation. Functions for displaying and analysing historical data, which are available in the cloud storage for one month at a time, can also be used freely.

What are the coolest IoT projects with smartCORE® and Raspberry Pi?

With the basic package of smartCORE® Community Edition, you can already get very far. Additional modules, for example for special protocols, can be programmed in the freely accessible development environment in Python or C++.

If necessary, we will be happy to support you and are eager to hear your creative project ideas. Matthias Klein, our chief developer for Linux measuring systems, has started off with a typical hobby weather station on the Raspberry Pi/smartCORE® connected.

Shortly, the modules of the smartCORE® Community Edition is now available for download free of charge. If you want to get started immediately, you can download the smartCORE®-You can also get the image directly from us.

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