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Configuration | Evaluation | Analysis

The analysis software optiCONTROL is used to configure all smart series devices and offers a wide range of options for further processing of the data. All data is automatically transferred from the smart devices via LTE to the Cloud server transferred and from the Software records, visualizes and evaluates.

optiCONTROL basic functions

Configuration of several devices

optiCONTROL enables the convenient configuration of several smart devices whose settings can be easily viewed and adjusted in clear presentations. Setting parameters can be defined across the board or adapted to specific devices via an intuitive interface. The appearance, style and format of the interface can also be configured.

Integrated Apps

Depending on your needs optiCONTROL a selection of integrated apps designed for specific application purposes. These apps allow the setting and calibration of the channels connected to the devices and provide processing, triggering and recording capabilities. In the event of a detected anomaly, existing recordings can be automatically emailed to the responsible person.

Visual representation

Once the devices are configured and calibrated, the measurement data streams can be visual displays or can also be viewed in tabular form. Chronologically ordered history and real-time data are displayed in the Curve window visualized by 1D, 2D, and 3D display options. Geographical positions can be displayed on many individually configurable Map views can be viewed. In addition, certain measurement data streams can be displayed according to your choice by interactive graphics (e.g. dial gauges) can be displayed

Retrieve & evaluate high-resolution measurement data

Build up valuable process knowledge

Analyses of the unfiltered measurement data provide valuable detailed knowledge of the dynamic, physical processes within the machine. Using artificial intelligence and the necessary domain knowledge, patterns and dependencies can be identified. Rules derived from this can be transferred into algorithms and device apps for new IoT applications.

Direct analysis with optiCONTROL and optiMATOR

Which with each smart device delivered software optiCONTROL offers convenient access to the measurement data files and numerous functions for interactive data viewing and evaluation. The software is designed for automated analysis processes such as the routine calculation of relevant characteristic values. optiMATOR specialized. The plug-in-based concept allows the integration of freely defined analysis processes (e.g. Python scripts).

optiControl screen measurement data
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