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Newsletter: create connected change

Hello dear readers,

In this newsletter, we would like to focus on our Joy share with you.

Joy that numerous real events are taking place again where people can meet live and exchange ideas in a mutually beneficial way, such as Innotrans in Berlin, Bauma in Munich, SPS, or also Offshore Energy in Amsterdam at the end of November.

We are also taking off in this form in Switzerland. Here we were present at the "Startup Nights" in Winterthur and at the IHRUS in Lucerne and made exciting contacts.

We are also pleased that digitalisation in rail transport continues to gain momentum with customers such as ELL (European Locomotive Leasing), Deutsche Bahn or CFL (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois). With the Swiss expert for machine diagnostics Alpha Diagnostics we are a Partnership for advanced condition monitoring heavy machinery in rail vehicles, ships and industrial applications and look forward to working with you.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter!

We make the fair mobile and human

After a good 2-year break from Corona, live trade fairs and conferences are taking place again. For this year's Innotrans in Berlin we had something special in mind: Our mobile exhibition stand is there without further ado. Simply unfolded and off it goes ́s. The battery-powered case supplies our stand, which is now in widespread use, with power. smartRAIL with the necessary power. Our new development smartIO-Batmon serves as a smart power supply unit and switches fully automatically between the different operating states Sleep/Interval/Awake in order to always receive the full information about the current operating state of the train in the most battery-saving way possible. As usual, the data is sent live to our constantly evolving data management system, OptiCloud and can be visualised, analysed, evaluated and forwarded there. With our exhibition suitcase, we were able to approach potential customers and partners in a targeted manner. Contacts were also made across the dance floor with our dancing managing director, Dr Patrick Langfeld.

Free smartCORE® Community Edition for Raspberry Pi and a smart electricity meter as a new application example

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular single-board computers for tinkerers and hobbyists. With the free of charge available Community Edition our IoT firmware smartCORE® the Raspberry Pi becomes the ultimate playground for the Internet of Things brand. At the same time, the Community Edition offers the chance to try out a really professional and durable solution from the industrial sector at home. Our team colleague Matthias Klein has already connected a weather measuring station wirelessly and now a typical smart meter via infrared adapter. As the expensive winter approaches due to the world situation, you should know where your electricity is going in order to save money. Many of you already have the meter at home.

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Unexpected treasures - from assistance to distribution

Do you also know this? When employees or colleagues suddenly come up with undiscovered skills? This is also the case with Kristina Wolf. She started as a management assistant and after some time turned out to be a sales talent. She writes fluently and freshly and it suits her to stick to the customers. In this way, she has conquered a new area of responsibility for herself.

For you and other sales talents, there was an exclusive training session with Patrick Heiz from DealCloser from Switzerland, a professional salesman and coach.

At optiMEAS it is important for us to really see people. Who they are and what makes them tick. The team members can contribute and develop according to their interests and abilities. At this point, we would like to thank all our employees for their great commitment!

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