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MTO sports car with smartMINI dashboard

Racing Ditigal

Smart on the ring. While Rock am Ring is all about music, "smart am Ring" is about the digital innovation of a connectivity box - the optiMEAS smartMINI + dashboard. In a sleek Porsche the smartMINI does its laps there and enables drivers & technicians to permanently and mobilely monitor the vehicle via the dashboard. The company MTO Engineering from

Industrial IoT: Measurement technology moves into the cloud

Industrial IoT - measurement technology moves to the cloud Far more than a mailbox What is the cloud? The actual cloud idea means to provide certain services beyond simple data storage. Cloud technology thus opens up completely new possibilities for measurement technology, especially for mobile and decentralized data acquisition. Measurements from vehicles can be processed in the cloud in the same way as meteorological data

emissions monitoring

Electric cars also cause fine dust. The fine dust particle filter absorbs as many dust particles as are produced by tyre, brake and road wear when driving.